Jobs in Construction: Indiana Opportunities

Construction in Indiana has increased over the years. After the recent recession, it has been more than free to accept new workers in this field. There are a lot of opportunities to be explored in this field. If you want to have construction employment in Indiana, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we shall tell you what’s hot in Indiana construction work and how to get hold of these jobs. But first let us know a bit more about this state.

The State

Between the time period 2004 and 2014, it has been estimated that there would be around 302,600 jobs in the state. Out of this growth, construction and extraction work is supposed to make up around 12%. There has been a sudden flurry of development work in this state which is expected to believe in this growth. For starters, Honda has decided to open up a center in Greensburg. This will be one of a kind center with all the modern facilities.

Toyota is expected to start building automobiles at Subaru in Lafayette. For this a new factory is going to be built soon. Then there is the prospect of a Nestle plant at Anderson and American Commercial Lines at Jeffersonville. These industries will lead to a lot of direct and indirect jobs for construction in the state.

If you are a newbie and want to start your career in construction, you can well start it by being a construction worker for any of these new sites.

If on the other hand, you have some experience and want something a little better, then perhaps you could sign up with the Major Moves Initiative. This initiative is expected a lot of jobs on construction that require high skill and expertise. The growth in extraction and construction will outrun the overall average of the state.


Construction work in Indiana has increased lately. You can work as a Project Manager or Superintendent in construction companies at Indianapolis. This place has a lot of companies which are also on the lookout for smart and intelligent Project Coordinators. Crown Point is another favorite place for Indiana construction jobs.

Do you have experience? Do you have a specialization? Well then you can work as an estimator or water technician in this place. Another job of construction in Indiana which has become very popular recently is roofing. Lafayette has a lot of companies which are in the search for roofers and other specialty trade experts.

If you are a service technician, then you should opt for Indianapolis as this is one of the largest cities in Indiana and one of the favorite sites for construction work in the state. This is the place which also has a high demand for machine operators and experienced construction workers throughout the year.

This is unlike any other state where the construction work is mostly seasonal. Muncie is a good place to look out for jobs in fabrication supervision. Greenwood and Carmel have a high demand of truck drivers for transport of construction materials. If you have no degree in construction, you can well begin as a truck driver in this field.

Construction in Indiana is stipulated to rise more so make sure you have a job in this field.

No-Pressure Roof Cleaning

The safe and proper method to clean a roof has long been debated by many contractors. Although essential to maintaining and increasing both the value and appearance of your home, one must be very careful as to ensure that each roof is cleaned in a manner that is safe, effective, and efficient. The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) has a branded caution against using high-pressure cleaning methods to remove algae and black streaks from roofs. Using a pressure washer to clean a roof is not only dangerous to the shingles; it is also a risk to the structural integrity of the roof. A non-pressure roof cleaning method should be utilized to remove algae, mold, and black streaks from a roof. Precision Power Washing introduced the SoftWash, and Roof Renew Roof Cleaning to the Evansville and Newburgh, Indiana area in order to provide homeowners and businesses with a safe, efficient way to increase exterior appeal. We use a delicate blend of environmentally friendly algae neutralizers, detergents, and surfactants to thoroughly clean and restore any roof or house, all with no damage to plants or animals. Following are a few tips from the SoftWash Pros.

Whether doing the job yourself or hiring a professional contractor, there are certain and specific steps that need to be taken in order for the job to be successful.

Step1: A pressure washer should never touch your roof. Regardless of whether or not the contractor insists that they use “low pressure”, the variations of defined “low pressure” are vast. Never should any high pressure cleaning methods be used to clean a roof.

Step 2: Always ask for references. A reputable contractor should be able and willing to provide a list of 5 references minimum. If the chosen contractor is unable to provide this list, then chances are he or she is inexperienced or cautious of their previous work.

Step 3: Always make sure the chosen contractor is insured to clean roofs. Although many companies are insured to perform pressure washing services, many insurance companies require additional coverage to perform roof cleaning services, as the liability is usually much greater. If the contractor is unable to provide proof of insurance, think twice before choosing them.

Step 4: Always pay close attention to the quality of service and business image. Work portfolios, business cards, flyers, etc. are all fairly good indicators of the type of quality you will receive. If the contractor cannot provide a picture portfolio of previous work, or has lower quality flyers and/or business cards, then most likely they will provide the same mediocre service.

Kevin O’Bryan, Owner